MIM Consulting     2 Jan 2015

In-House Training

Jakarta     2015

Our In-house training, along with its training material is designed to adapt on the conditions and wishes of the clients. This training is intended to address the current concerns and conditions of tax obligations that need to be updated from the institutions / agencies and to accommodate the training needs for staff / employees of institutions / companies for each industry.

This training is very useful and efficient for institutions / companies that have a relatively large number of employees or have subsidiaries / group companies where employees in the field of taxation are spread in several subsidiary / branches. Therefore, theparent company / holding company deems it necessary to integrate the knowledge and the implementation of a more coordinated tax obligations and regulations.


  1. Provides increased capability to the manager and the support staff in the areas of taxation, accounting and legal to perform their duty and rights on the taxation services;
  2. Provide enhanced capabilities for making strategic decisions in the field of finance and taxation that are included in the business contracts;
  3. Provide strategic knowledge regarding the important aspects in the management of tax compliance, tax audits and tax planning;
  4. Provide the basics (foundation) procedure of the tax compliance activities and the integration of tax reporting systems;
  5. Explore the important issues that are contemporary and have to be anticipated at the present time, such as: the problem of transfer pricing, tax treaty, changes in laws and other tax policies.

Form of Activities

This in-house training includes material, discussion (workshops) and case studies, concerning of:


  1. Implementation of taxes (tax compliance) which become the obligation of institutions/companies;
  2. Current tax rules and regulations (tax regulation updates);
  3. Tax planning;
  4. Tax review (review the implementation of the fulfillment of tax obligations) as well as further examination for the possibilities of potential tax exposures (other tax liabilities that have not been detected / revealed).


Venue & Schedule

  1. Training could be held in the office/ place based on the recommendation of our clients. Our office also provide space for a limited amount of participants along with the best facilities;
  2. The schedule is flexible and can be adjusted to our client’s activities.


The participants will be awarded with a certificate at the end of the training period, which was signed by the client’s Commissioner/Head of institution/company as well as the organizing committee. This certificate could be used to complement the employee assessment.


Cost of Training

The training budget is calculated efficiently by taking into account of various factors such as:



  1. The value of the training materials based on the deal
  2. The competence and qualifications of the instructor/advisor,
  3. Hour (duration) of training,
  4. Venue and accommodation