MIM Consulting assists the management to identify, analyze and solve complex challenges that may arise in this highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

Accounting Development System

Any modern era company must make its accounting system in a professional way to deal with competitive markets and other competiters. All operations in the accounting system should be in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures. We provide our clients with a Professional Team who already have the necessary experience to assist them with their difficulties regarging accounting records and financial statement analysis to avoid errors in the decision making of such statements.

Accounting Services

Accounting is one of the tools for analyzing financial statements. Daily business transactions require recordings in order to help users of these financial statements to make the right business decision. MIM Consulting’s team of professionals have adequate experience to assist clients with accounting records and financial statements analysis which will lead them to make the right business decision and also to maintain the healthy condition of the client's business.

Internal Control Services

Good business activities should be accompanied by control of costs in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Having strong experience in conducting internal control, MIM Consulting provides support, input and service to its clients who do not perform well or perform belowexpectations of the client's internal control to manage the company acoording to the mission, vision and expectations of their stakeholders.

Financial Review

To support our client’s accounting team, the team provided by MIM Consulting gives financial reviews and helps in management of financial transactions in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards in Indonesia in order to help companies minimize errors prior to the publication of financial statement.

Financial Advisory

MIM Consulting not only offers regular duties in the financial reporting, but also provides a team of advisors offering good advice on methods for lowering a client's tax burden, or review and make suggestions for updating their business plan. We also help clients to always be up-to-date with changes in the regulations.