In order to carry out business activities in Indonesia, the company is required to be incorporated as a limited liability company in Indonesia. This process is handled by BKPM for business areas that do not require a special license. Certain business areas require a foreign company to establish a local partner and is allowed a certain percentage of ownership depending on the sector. The specifics of this are covered in the Negative Investment List. When choosing business type to operate under, investors also need to think about whether using a local partner would be more effective in penetrating the local market.

There are many requirements that must be fulfilled for the establishment of a company governed by the corporate regulation for its legality of documents and advisory services.

MIM Consulting has a lot of experience to help assist its clients in providing management services for company establishment.

Not only in terms of the legality of the document's processing, but also by providing advisory services based on the client needs in terms of accounting and taxation in order to gain a clearer and detailed understanding.

Our company establishment for :

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