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Mindful of the fact so far Indonesia still needs foreign investors, as well as the influence of globalization civilization where Indonesia as a WTO membershould open up opportunities for influx of foreign labor. This is expected to have the complete set of the rules governing foreign labor requirements, and securing the use of foreign labor. The regulation should regulate the basic aspects and shape the rules that govern not only at a ministerial level, but with the purpose of the use of foreign labor with selective priority for workers.

In order for a company in Indonesia to hire an expatriate, they must have permission from the government. Obtaining this permission can be time consuming, costly for the company, and extremely bureaucratic. Hiring an expatriate is not a decision taken lightly by local or multinational companies.

Process of Application Expatriate in Indonesia

MIM Consulting has extensive experience in taking care of licensing foreign people from various fields of industry and we provide assistance to our client’s company to meet the requirments to expatriate licensing for your company with efficiency and effectivness.