Every company needs to evaluate its performance and make a series of improvements, in order to grow and compete with other companies. One of the strategies to improve and maximize the performance of the company is by restructurization, which is usually required by companies going below the graph. The owner of the company makes changes so that the company prospers.

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Acquisition is the takeover of a company by buying shares or assets of another company, while the company purchased remains operational. There are several types of acquisitions, such as the acquisitions of assets and inventory (stock). It is necessary to have the calculation of all costs and benefits of the acquisition in order to receive equal benefits for both parties involved. MIM Consulting has extensive experience in helping its clients to undergo acquisition process, so that the company can develop a better financial management.


Merger is a unification of two companies, where one company takes/buys all the assets and liabilities of another company. Therefore, the merging company has at least 50% of stock and the merged company must cease its operations in order for its shareholders to be able to receive a certain amount of cash or shares in the new company. In this case, the buying company will continue the name and identity of the company that has been bought.


Liquidation is the dissolution of a company as a legal entity which includes payment of obligations to creditors and distribution of the remaining assets to shareholders. There are several stages in which the company liquidation is regulated by the corporate regulation. The stages of liquidation may take quite a long time and complicated processes.