Foreign citizens or foreign companies may be looking for investments, or even a combination of foreign citizens with Indonesian citizens or a foreign company with the Indonasian company make intend to make investments

Capital Ownership foreign parties in Indonesia can reach 100% however there are limitation percentages of capital ownership for foreign citizens or foreign companies in certain businesses. The government also sets a negative list for certain businesses that are not allowed any investments for foreign citizens or foreign companies.

Application process that should be done is as follows:


  • Name of the Company (PT) atleast 3 words and it should not consist of a series of numbers or letters that do not form words.
  • Founder of at least two parties, both individuals and legal entities.
  • No foreign party.
  • Copy of Passport for shareholders WNA and address their country of origin.
  • Copy of Article of Association for a foreign legal entity.
  • Copy of ID (Identity Card) and TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) private shareholder citizen
  • Establishment and deed change, SK Ratification and amendments thereto, for a legal entity Indonesia.
  • Domicile from the building manager (if located in the building) and an office rental agreement