MIM Consulting keeps its clients updated with new tax regulations that might have impact to their tax duties. This service is provided to our clients by various means of communication provided.

Day to day Tax Advisory Services

Frequent changes in tax regulations may cause a problem for those tax payers who do not keep themselves updated with the new changes in tax legislation. It is quite mandatory for the taxpayers to be well informed about the frequent changes in tax regulations for their daily transactions. MIM Consulting provides its clients daily input about the transactions that might be related to tax liabilities because of our human resource devoted to study the daily changes in tax regulations in order keep our clients and colleagues well updated. Thus, we help you determine the impact of taxation on its regulatory changes.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is necessary to avoid certain taxes so that by understanding the tax regulations legal and tax saving can be made. MIM Consulting emphasizes the importance of tax planning to its clients by advising them on how the correct use of tax regulation can benefit the financial side of their company.

Special Transaction Tax Advisory

Certain companies such as oil and gas companies, contractors and permanent establishments have several unique transactions governed by unique tax rules. Government makes these rules that have a certain special status. This has caused difficulty for companies to apply these rules in their day-to-day business transactions. MIM Consulting has experience and expertise in special transaction taxation and provides its clients dealing with such special transaction advice on how they can correctly implement these special regulations on their transactions.

Tax Review

In order to avoid the mistakes in fulfilling the tax obligations, a tax review is quite necessary before reporting the tax liability. MIM Consulting has always used this procedure, in order to provide services to its clients in terms of fulfilment of diverse tax obligations. Our team provides input on matters that need to be reviewed by the company which will then fulfill their tax obligations, to be free from any possible taxation risks.