MIM Consulting’s tax professionals are well aware of Indonesia's various commodities and other indirect tax regulations and can assist in effective planning.

Monthly Tax Report

Monthly tax report is as important as the Annual tax report because it helps in the formation of a plan for the company as a tax payer which can help them pay their taxes on a monthly basis and avoid getting burdened with large tax payments if it is paid annually. MIM Consulting has quite experience in helping clients to implement their monthly tax liabilities.

Annual Tax Report

Annual Tax Report is obligatory to be done by the taxpayer. Its basic purpose is to help the government analyze the development of the company, and if necessary it may result in increase in tax payment to the state in the future. MIM Consulting assists its clients in making the Annual Tax Report, in accordance with the circumstances that had been planned, with tax planning that was done by the company at the beginning of the running tax year.

Tax Facilities Application

Many facilities in the field of taxation are present that can be used by the taxpayer. These facilities are usually provided by the government and are intended for transactions that affects the company’s ability to absorb labor and foreign exchange. MIM Consulting has experts with enough experience that can advise the proper steps to gain maximum benefit from these provided facilities.

Tax Correspondent

Correspondence is an administrative requirement carried out by the tax office to provide the information to taxpayers. This correspondence can be used to administer ways for resolving tax disputes. Procedures for writing correspondence effect greatly various formal processes of tax disputes in tax courts. According to the instructions provided MIM Consulting provides its clients correspondence services which can help remove the risk of non-receipt of the formal side of processes of tax disputes, which could be damaging to the taxpayer.