MIM Consulting assist and assess its clients during any taxation audit that is conducted by Tax Office through its strong and valid filing support.

Tax Audit Assistance

Our team of experts helps on various tax audit processes, which are required when the taxpayer is inspected by the tax office. The main aim of the tax audit is to see whether the client has been doing tax liability correctly or not, so that when the tax dispute happens, the client can argue with strong and factual reasonings. The team that conducts the tax audit consists of professionals that have all the experience and abilities to know and understand in detail, problems of the client during the implementation of tax audits.

Tax Objection

If the taxpayer does not approve the tax audit, tax objection can be made. It is required for the taxpayer to pay some tax payables which were approved when at the time of publishment of notice of the tax audit. Various requirements must be met by the taxpayer who will appeal the tax charged on him after the audit. MIM Consulting provides services to its clients regarding tax objection, so that clients seeking justice on their tax obligations can easily obtain it through the approval of tax objection.

Tax Appeal

Submissions to the appellate level, are normally carried out by the taxpayers who feel that they have filed an objection decision not in line with expectation. Taxpayers need a number of administrative and material requirements to be met in order to process the appeal. This can be hectic and might result in changing the decision of the taxpayer to appeal in the first place. MIM Consulting has enough experience in handling cases of tax court appeals and has constantly achieved good results.

Tax Rulling

Whenever there is an uncertainty regarding the tax problems, request has to be put up to the Director General of Taxation, the affirmation of which is required to resolve that issue. MIM Consulting has experience in applying for the confirmation of client’s tax problems to the tax authorities in order to clarify the problems based on a letter issued by the Director General of Taxation.