MIM Consulting transfer pricing professionals have huge experience in providing analysis, drafting a report and providing recommendations for your international tax affairs.

Cross Border Transaction

Transactions between two countriesleads to cross border tax imposition. In order to avoid such double taxation, it is usual between countries to make agreements on taxation which is usually referred to as the Double Tax Agreement (P3B). This agreement regulates in details any revenue imposed to the tax payers abroad who are earning their income from Indonesia and vice versa. MIM Consulting has prepared a special team of experts to help solve problems that can occur on the tax liability between countries, in order to assist the implementation of tax cuts at the lower rate for the benefits of the clients.

Transfer Pricing Study

Transfer Pricing is one of the global tax problems which is currently in the spotlight and about which people are quite aware in the field of taxation. MIM Consulting is concerned with the problem of transfer pricing, and commissions an expert team consisting of professionals with adequate experience to study and comprehend specifically on Transfer Pricing issues. According to the theory mentioned previously, it is important that transfer pricing should be done for the purpose of the company. However, in many cases, the practice of transfer pricing has been done to facilitate the shareholders for the their own benefit, not for the company's profit.